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Alternatives to Facility Expansion Can Enhance your Bottom Line

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Whether you’re considering adding automation or digesters, or getting into the renewable natural gas (RNG) or solar energy businesses, it’s important to involve your builder from the beginning to ensure your project sets you up for maximum profitability from the start.

Digesters and RNG

Turning manure into RNG can not only contribute to the farm’s profitability, but it also plays an important role in sustainability. An agricultural construction expert is essential to this complex planning and building process.

Solar Power

Adding solar panels to the farm can also contribute to a farm’s revenue potential while helping to protect the environment. For a solar power project, you’ll need your construction expert to help with land leveling.

Upgrades and Automation

Every upgrade project is unique, because no two farms are the same. But every project needs to pencil out – adding value to the operation in terms of productivity, efficiency or profitability. Ideally, the project would benefit all three areas. It takes an experienced construction company to plan and execute, whether you’re retrofitting for robots, rerouting cow traffic, or adding automation in the parlor.

High Plains Construction Services has seen more than ten years of changes in the agriculture industry – from keeping up with rapid growth and expansion, to adding value as a partner in project planning and efficient execution. Along with you, we’re still in business because we’ve been able to adapt and find opportunities in the face of changing supply and demand. We’re here for this one, too.

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