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Where to go with the melting snow

Melting snow presents challenges each spring, but this spring in particular is going to require a little extra preparation. With so much snow still on the ground so late in the season, it’s going to melt quickly. Not only will it make a mess, but it also has the potential to do some damage if you’re not properly prepared. Here are a few things to consider before the snow melts.


Fall and spring are the two most important times of year to complete grading maintenance to gravel roads, parking lots, driveways and feedlots – and it’s all because of the harsh winter season. Proper grading will help control runoff, standing water and erosion.

Even if you recently graded, expanding ice and heavy snow over the winter probably caused some cracks and potholes, which will only be exasperated this spring when the snow melts. Now is the time to prevent further damage by giving all the melting snow a proper place to go and routing it away from the foundations of your buildings.

Sediment Basins and Ponds

Especially if you have new buildings and recently completed construction projects, make sure your sediment basins and ponds are ready to accommodate a lot of extra water. The sediment basin was originally created to retain runoff from construction and help stabilize the area. It’s an important land management practice that allows soil particles to settle out prior to discharge.

Inspect your sediment basin now to ensure that all of the sidewalls are vegetated and look for displaced rocks. Look for any erosion or bulging that can cause weakness and remove existing sediment to prepare for an influx of water. Grading around this area is an important consideration as well.

In case you’re not sure what to look for around your property, High Plains Construction Services can both inspect and help with maintenance and repairs to make sure the melting snow has minimal impact on your operations this spring. Find more of our land management tips and practices here.

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