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Oil & Gas Services


The restoration of land that gives bountiful resources both above and below ground is one of the most important pieces of oil and gas production. High Plains Construction Services understands the weight of this responsibility and has the knowledge, skills and experience to help reclaim any land that needs brought back to its original state.

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  • Types of reclamation projects: Oil and gas, solar sites, and anything that has been changed and is being restored back to its original state.

  • We bring together every group involved in pre-construction, construction and final reclamation to preserve the land for generations to come.

  • Our team helps create reclamation plans which will outline the findings of surveyors and engineers to determine what the ecology of the site is prior to any construction.

  • Through reclamation planning, our team will ensure habitat/ecosystem restoration. This could include the types of native grasses and soils, and what ecosystems are supported in the area. This step also ensures that the wildlife population has a sustainable future in the area. 

  • By reclaiming land and ecosystems alongside construction and drilling, we can reduce costs for our customers and increase the effectiveness of final reclamation.

  • HPC can also offer services for single steps in the reclamation process such as oil and gas pad disassembly, re-seeding native plants, etc. 

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