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Add value and offset cost with topsoil

Simply put, when first assessing a construction site plans are made for future use, and work begins. However, many may not realize that the most valuable commodity grows just beneath their feet: topsoil. Because it can take at least 100 years for topsoil to accumulate just one inch, it is a hot commodity for construction companies, landscapers and farmers. So, what does that mean for landowners?

Topsoil is in high demand because of the roles it plays in the local ecosystem. Landowners can take advantage of this demand to offset some of the costs incurred during construction as well as re-applying it to the land when construction is finished. In order to take full advantage of the benefits top-soil provides, it’s essential to plan ahead.

The first step in the process of salvaging topsoil is to make a plan for its use. Will it be kept on-site to redistribute after construction is finished or will it be hauled off-site and sold? These questions should be answered before any equipment is brought on-site in order to minimize potential damage to valuable topsoil.

Working alongside an experienced construction company, landowners can make a plan for how the topsoil will be handled. Variables such as soil storage, transportation and application will be discussed. Some projects will find a great benefit in keeping the soil stored on-site and used for landscaping when construction is finished. Using the existing topsoil on a project will allow revegetation and land restoration to occur quickly after the project is finished. Long-term projects, such as oil and gas well pad reclamations will be in the position of purchasing topsoil in the future, but also on the selling side at the beginning of the project.

Selling topsoil off a project is a great way to recoup some of the costs incurred with construction, however it can be a more in-depth process than what meets the eye. Working with a knowledgeable construction company to successfully collect, store and relocate topsoil is key to making the most out of this valuable resource.

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